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What is going on in Venezuela? #SOSVENEZUELA

As there is absolutely no way of sleeping tonight, all I can do is write. Write to the world about what is happening in Venezuela right outside our windows as I type these words. It has been a hard night … Continue reading

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Living in Venezuela: The Unpleasant Part of the story

My beloved Venezuela… How can this country, that have taught me so much and shown me so much love, be so incredible messed up? How is it possible to have the experiences of a lifetime in a country that is … Continue reading

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How to travel in Venezuela; there are several ways to get from A to B

Before I start I want to share with you this drawing made by my friend and creator of the page “I fucking love Norway” This page describes the Norwegian culture by comparing it to the rest of the world. This … Continue reading

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The Workout Culture

When I came to Venezuela I quickly realized that I would eat a lot. I mean…. the food here is great, unhealthy, but great. When you live here for a while you forget how crazy it is to eat a … Continue reading

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